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welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo with the latest at this hour. people in pakistan have been showing their anger about an anti-muslim video for the past week. and they're demonstrating again. they've taken part in violent protests in the country's main cities. at least 15 people have been killed. democratic leaders declared friday a national day of
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protest. many took to the streets after their prayers. more than 10,000 people demonstrated in karachi. they fought with police who tried to stop them. ten people including two police officers were killed in an exchange of gunfire. more than 100 were wounded. demonstrators and police fought in the city of peshawar. 40 wounded. reports say people were also wounded in protest in the capital islamabad. officials at embassies are urging their citizens to stay on the alert in case of more demonstrations. u.s. forces and their allies are out on the water in the persian gulf carrying out mine sweeping exercises. american officials say the drills are for defensive purposes but iran's leaders don't buy that. the iranians put on their own show of strength ahead of the weekend.
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>> reporter: iranian military is showing off. members paraded missiles through the streets. one of iran's largest military parades is being held here in tehran. president ahmadinejad has personally attended and held a speech. weapons are only part of this event. iranian leaders are also armed with strong words. >> translator: they devise plans, these uncultured scientists in order to save themselves. to create crises, make divisions. the world must know even today the great nation of iran is standing to defend its rights.
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>> reporter: iran is under enormous pressure to stop its nuclear development. which it says is for peaceful purposes. but western nations believe the country is trying to build a weapon. they've imposed sanctions. prices have skyrocketed. goods are scarce. getting by is getting harder. but that is not stopping leaders from pumping money into the military. they seem more determined than ever to carry on with their build up. they've implied closing the strait of hormuz if anyone attacks their nuclear facilities which would choke off the supply of oil. >> translator: once we receive orders, we'll start with our military operation right on. >> reporter: submarines and
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destroyers are ready loaded with missiles. they left the military port under the gaze of the supreme le leader ali khamenei. >> translator: the seas where iranian vessels are deployed are a highly important front line. >> reporter: iranian leaders know they need to get results from talking or face the possibility of attack. all sides are aware of the consequences. but they appear to be a long way from finding common ground. nhk world, tehran. china's territorial disputes with neighbors are worrying people in asia. the vice president is trying to reassure them. he says chinese leaders will try
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to resolve disputes peacefully through dialogue. vice president offered his words of reassurance to leaders from the association of southeast asian nations. >> translator: china is committed to defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity. we will make an effort to settle disputes with neighboring countries over land and sea rights through friendly negotiations. >> one of china's territorial disputes involve the senkaku islands in the east china sea. japan bought and nationalized them earlier this month. chinese ships are increasingly active just outside japanese waters around the territory. government leaders appear to be trying to assert the claim of sovereignty. in disputes with asian leaders over islands in the south china sea. now, china is not the only
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country challenging japan's sovereignty over the senkaku islands in the sea. taiwanese patrol ships were sailing just outside japan's waters. the officials say crew members spotted the ship. they say they were sailing near an island called uotsuri. the taiwanese said they were in their own waters. they turned for home two and a half hours later. coast guard personnel had earlier seen a boat carrying people they thought were taiwanese activists. they say that boat was also near the island of uotsuri. they gave the boat a warning, and the boat moved away. coast guard officials say four government ships were sailing just outside japanese waters on the same day. they say they're keeping a close eye on the area.
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u.s. government leaders want to contain china's growing military presence in the south pacific, so they've taken a step toward reviving their security alliance with new zealand. u.s. leaders banned from visiting bases around the world years ago. panetta said he's lifting that ban. >> while we acknowledge that our countries continue to have differences of opinion in some limited areas, today we have affirmed that we are embarking on a new course in our relationship. that we'll not let these differences stand in the way of greater engagement on security issues. >> leaders in the u.s. and new zealand suspended their security pact in 1985. the new zealanders had refused -- a nuclear ship carrying weapons. they still won't allow visits by
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u.s. navy ships. apple fans around the world are taking part in a familiar ritual. they're lining up outside stores to get their hands on the latest iphone. the united states, europe, asia, and australia. about 600 people wanted to be among the first in new york on friday. they were waiting before workers had opened the doors. one man said he'd been going for eight days. >> the speed, the camera, the size, it's thinner and lighter. and i want to put my software on it. >> the iphone 5 is taller than the previous model, uses the high speed lte wireless network. apple executives say the previous iphone was a worldwide
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hit. customers have placed even more orders for their new model. here's the three-day world weather forecast. >> that's all for this hour on
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"newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. thank you for joining us.
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